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Trade-In Appraisal at Janex Auto Sales.  When looking to purchase a new or used vehicle there are many things to take into consideration.  Outside of selecting the vehicle type, brand and where to purchase the vehicle, it is also important to understand all the information required that can be used when purchasing.  Getting the right trade in value for your vehicle before showing up to the lot is a great way to understand the budgeting required to buy the vehicle.  Most consumers today will over value their trade in.  The reason for this is that they don’t take into consideration the cost of getting the vehicle ready for resale.  By going through the online trade-in appraisal, you will quickly learn all the variables a dealer looks at when considering your vehicle as a trade in.

At Janex Auto sales, we want to provide you with all the research material you need before entering our dealers. That way there are no surprises waiting for you at the dealership. Because we want to offer a hassle free experience, we want you to know everything before you visit us.  The Trade-in Appraisal tool will provide you with an estimated value of your vehicle that will be honoured at Janex Auto Sales in Ottawa, Ontario.

Trade-in appraisal

The trade in appraisal tool will allow you to find out the approximate value of your vehicle before trading it in.  Understanding the trader in value of your car is important when trying to determine the budget you will be spending on the new car.  At Janex Auto Sales we thrive on transparency.  We will give you the most in the market on your vehicle.  Try it out the Trade-in appraisal tool today.  Complete the form below to find out what your vehicle is worth today!