Sales Department

At Janex Auto, we make the purchase of your next vehicle easy & hassle-free! Whether you are 18 or 88, we know that at some point you would like to purchase a vehicle and with that come 5 common perceptions which we would like to address. Here is how we overcome them and make it easy for you to purchase a vehicle today!

You think that it’s not the right time to get the best price!


At Janex…

We price our vehicles according to the market in order to offer you the best deal first!

You think that the payment will not fit your budget!


At Janex…

We have adaptive programs to fit your desired budget!

You think that it will require too much cash to complete the transaction!


At Janex…

We have flexible programs offering you the possibility to put as little cash down as possible.

You think that you won’t get enough for your trade!


At Janex…

We have tools to enable us to position your trade in its best market. This allows us to offer you the highest trade-in value possible!

You think that your current credit situation may be an issue.


At Janex…

We have different programs to assist you with building your credit or to enhance your borrowing power!

Call (613) 260-0373 and let one of our friendly and professional sales associates take care of you!