Trade in appraisal Understanding the the trade in value of your vehicle is important. Knowing exactly how much you are going to get will help you budget for the new vehicle you are looking at. Did you, most people over value their trades? This causes a lot of issues with their future purchase. The reason for the over valuation is that they compare the vehicle to retail vehicles. Not taking into consideration the money that needs to be put into them to resell them. Some of the things that people over look when looking at a trade in appraisal, is the tire wear, brake wear, clutch wear (if manual) and even stone chips. Getting a proper trade in appraisal before showing up at the dealership is highly recommended. Educating yourself to the fullest degree before making a purchase will help you save both time and money. Let show you what we are willing to offer for your trade in. Fill in the form below and get the value of your vehicle today