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How to know which vehicle is best for you?

If you are reading this title and thinking: “What are you talking about? I know the next five vehicles I want to buy!”, then maybe this article is not for you. But, if you feel like you have grown out of your current vehicle and need to move into something newer and better, then this will help you find which vehicle categories will serve your needs best.

Believe it or not, very often people come in thinking that they want to get into vehicle X and as soon as they answer these five questions, they realize that this vehicle will not serve their needs optimally. So, to save you the hassle, we have compiled five important questions to ask yourself before you purchase you sign on your next vehicle!

What would you be using the vehicle for?

Are you a parent of three who needs to take all the kids to hockey practice or are you a student who wants to avoid having to bus in the rain? Or maybe you do long trips for work? Maybe you plan on using your vehicle to take the dog to the park and get groceries? Whatever the case, the answer to this question will guide you to the vehicle style and category you would be looking into. From family vans to a luxurious coupe, there is something for everyone on the market. You just need to make sure that the vehicle you get will serve your purpose.

What features do you absolutely need to have in your next vehicle?

This question will help you figure out what market you should be looking at – high-end or more budget-friendly options. If you absolutely need to have navigation, back-up camera, leather and other convenience features, then you probably need to be looking into more luxury brands such as Lexus, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, BMW, Lincoln. But if you are okay with having cruise control, heated seats and a radio – then your budget will be lower and your bank account – happier!

On average, how much do you drive per year?

This is a big one. Should you get a vehicle with higher mileage and pay less or should you invest more but get something with less clicks on it? Here is the thing – the average Canadian drives about 20,000km per year. If you are only putting 10,000km on your current vehicle, then getting into something with higher mileage won’t be an issue for you. However, if you put 20,000+ km per year, then you definitely need something with lower mileage. Why? Because the higher the mileage, the more maintenance your vehicle will require. So choose wisely.

How long do you plan on keeping it?

And of course, the natural follow-up question would be how long do you plan on keeping this vehicle for? Are you someone who likes to change vehicles every 2 years or do you drive it until it starts falling apart? The former wouldn’t mind getting into something with higher mileage – because after all, they would only keep it for a few years and then they would move on. The latter, however, would want to get something with as little miles as possible, to ensure that the vehicle would last longer.

How much driving do you do during the winter?

And last but not least, how often do you get out of the house during the winter? Do you like to go skiing and exploring, or do you like to cuddle under the covers and read a book? If you believe that “there is no bad weather, only bad equipment”, then you definitely need to consider getting an AWD or a 4WD. This will ensure that your adventures go smoothly and you don’t need to call for road assistance after sliding into a ditch. And if you have another winter vehicle or just don’t like to drive around during the winter, a FWD would suit you just fine.

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Dec 11st, 2019