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Extended Warranties – FAQ

Whether or not you should protect your newly purchased vehicle is a question every car buyer asks themselves. Since most pre-loved vehicles’ factory warranties have already expired by the time you are looking at them, most people consider purchasing an extended warranty. We have gathered here some of the most frequently asked questions we have heard regarding extended warranties to help you make an informed decision during your next car purchase.

What brand is it?

Janex Auto has partnered with People’s Choice Warranty (PCW) – a reputable extended warranty provider with a lot of experience and happy customers. PCW is a member of the UCDA and they offer Lloyds Protection on their warranty packages.

What is covered by the warranty?

PCW offers different packages to suit the different categories of drivers. Packages cover a variety of items such as engine, transmission, air conditioning and ultra high-tech components. Depending on your preferences and needs, our business managers can suggest the most cost-efficient option for you!

What is the term?

Since different drivers would benefit from different levels of protection, PCW offers tailor-made protection based on your driving style. The amazing thing about PCW warranties is that they offer some packages that are only time-based and not mileage-based. This means that if your car is currently at 55KM and you plan to drive it until it is at 200KM, whether it takes you two years to get there or ten, you will be covered!

Is the warranty transferable?

Warranties increase the value of your vehicle just like a navigation or a sunroof would. All PCW warranties are tied to the vehicle and are easily transferrable to its next buyer, given that they have not expired at the time of the transfer. This is a huge bonus for you because it increases the re-sale value of your vehicle!

If you have any questions regarding warranties or financing options, do not hesitate to contact our business managers at (613) 260-0373. To submit a finance application, click here.

Dec 9th, 2019