1. Do you provide a vehicle history report?

Yes, Janex Auto provides a CarFax report for every vehicle. You can find it on the vehicle listing on our website, or if it is not showing, you can request it by giving us a call at (613) 260-0373.

  1. Do you take vehicles on trade?

Yes, as long as the vehicle is not branded or structurally damaged, we will gladly take it on trade. Janex Auto uses a Live Auction Trade Appraisal Tool which allows us to offer you a very competitive wholesale price for your vehicle. If you would like to get your vehicle appraised, please give us a call at (613) 260-0373 to schedule your appointment.

  1. Do you have a service shop?

Yes, the Janex Auto Service shop is located at 3190 Hawthorne Rd, Ottawa. Our mechanics are well-trained and have an extremely diverse experience. Besides servicing the future vehicles of our valued customers, they can also take care of your current ride! Give them a call at (613) 736-9022 to book your appointment!

  1. Where do your vehicles come from?

Janex Auto is committed to delivering the highest quality premium pre owned vehicles in the National Capital Region. 99% of our vehicles are local trade-ins which we hand-pick very carefully. Among many others, we use the following criteria when sourcing our vehicles – local Ottawa vehicles, limited accident history, clean interior and exterior as well as no brand or structurally damage on the vehicle.

  1. Do you offer financing and what is your interest rate?

Yes, we have partnered with over 20 different lenders – both prime and sub-prime, and we are able to secure a loan for 99% of our customers. If you would like to submit your credit application, you can click here and one of our friendly and professional finance managers will contact you shortly.

The interest rate you get on your next automotive loan depends on your credit situation. It can vary from as low as 4.99% for people with excellent credit to 18.99% or more for people with very troubled credit. Unless one of our Finance Managers assesses your credit standing and submits your credit application to the bank, we will not be able to determine your interest rate with high accuracy. To book an appointment with one of our finance managers, give us a call at (613) 260-0373.

  1. How long does it take for you to get my car ready for pick-up?

It usually takes 2-3 business days before you can pick up your new ride. In this time, we complete the safety inspection for you, detail it and get your licensing ready so that you can drive away worry-free. If you would like to know when your vehicle will be ready for delivery, please contact your sales consultant. You can find their contact information here.

  1. Do you offer extended warranties?

Yes, 95% of our vehicles are eligible for coverage through an extended warranty. Prices vary based on the coverage you select. For more information, please contact our Finance Managers at (613) 260-0373.

  1. Can I bring a vehicle for a third-party inspection?

Yes, we do offer this option for all of our premium pre owned vehicles. To schedule a vehicle for inspection, please contact your sales consultant. You can find their contact information here.


Oct 18th, 2019