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If you love your vehicle and are willing to put a little bit of extra effort in return for it lasting a year or two longer, there will be great value for you here!

Living in Canada means that winter takes up (at best) half of the year. And of course, with winter comes the freezing temperatures, hazardous road conditions and the salt! All of these silently impact the “health” of our vehicles, so here at Janex Auto, we believe that proper car care is crucial if you want to save some dollars on repairs. Here are our top 7 tips on how to show your car some much needed love:

1. Pick your routes carefully

This might seem a bit extreme, but it’s worth being mentioned. Driving on really bad surfaced roads daily can slowly but surely take a toll on your vehicle – buckled wheels, broken springs, damaged tires, are all problems which can be avoided if you take a second to plan your drive ahead of time.

2. Park your car in the garage

Most of us have a garage, but instead of using it to park our car there, we tend to store a thousand other things – lawn mowers, bikes, boxes that you’ve been promising yourself you’ll take care of for the past 5 years now… the list goes on. Now, on a more serious note – the sun rays tend to bleach the interior of the car and if your vehicle overheats, it can cause damage to the interior plastic panels. So, next weekend, take some time to re-organize your garage and start parking your vehicle there. It will be so worth the effort!

3. Follow the service schedule

Making regular checks and following the service recommendations will definitely help you save some money in the long run. Checking the oil levels every few weeks, as well as your coolant and brake steering fluid levels, will help you prevent small issues turning into big costly problems. A surprising number of people don’t know that filters and fluids are designed to last only a certain period of time or for a certain mileage. Failing to replace them on time reduces the efficiency of your vehicle and has the potential of damaging other parts in your vehicle.

If you are someone who skips check-ups because you are afraid that a big bill may come up (don’t worry, we’ve all done it…), you should consider purchasing a platinum warranty. For less than $3/day you will get coverage on your engine, transmission, electrical and steering components, suspension, as well as free towing, roadside assistance, car rentals, wear and tear coverage and more. This will not only save you the worries around big expenses, but it will also ensure your car is in top-notch condition all year-round.

For more information, please contact our Finance Managers at (613) 260-0373.

4. Clean your car regularly

The paint of your car has a bigger purpose than just giving it a nice colour. In fact, it acts as the “skin” of the vehicle and prevents rust from creeping in. However, salt and other road chemicals can damage the paint cover, especially when left to accumulate, so make sure you give it a quick rinse and a polish every few weeks to avoid that build-up.

The same applies to your car’s interior. Salt and dirt can quickly accumulate on your carpet and even underneath the floor mats. Vacuuming your vehicle every few weeks (and more often during the winter months) will significantly decrease the damage on your trim and carpets. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on car cleaning, consider investing in a little car vacuum.

5. Rust-proof your vehicle

If you want to keep your car for a long time, rust-proofing should be a no-brainer. Rust-proofing practices have changed over the years, but its purpose remains the same – it keeps moisture away from the metal in order to prevent corrosion. Surface corrosion can lead to many problems including rusting rocker panels, fenders and floorpans. It may be surprising to some, but even new cars can benefit from a professional rust-proofing treatment.

Here at Janex Auto, we encourage all our customers to purchase a rust-proofing treatment with their premium pre-owned vehicle. Rust proofing treatments can also be purchased after the purchase of your vehicle.

For more information, please contact our Finance Managers at (613) 260-0373.

6. Let your engine warm up

This seems logical, especially during the winter months. However, what we are here to tell you is that it is a good practice for the warmer months as well. Driving your vehicle while the engine is still “cold” promotes its unnecessary wearing because the oil is still thick and extra fuel is injected into the cylinders.

7. Align your wheels

Over time, wheel angles change. If not taken care of, this can damage the suspension and steering of your vehicle. For most cars, there are no specific requirements on how often your wheels need to be aligned. Wheel alignment is recommended every time new tires are installed or once every 2-3 years. The simplest way to know you need an alignment is when the steering wheel is off-center when driving straight. Other “symptoms” include your vehicle pulling you off to one side when driving on a straight and leveled road, your tires screech when turning or when your tires wear unevenly.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, give our certified mechanics a call at (613) 736-9022 and let them ensure your safety!

Oct 17th, 2019