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Janex Auto Changing the Used-Car Market in Favor of the Customer

Family-owned Janex Auto has been in business for over 20 years. The independent pre-owned dealership has been in the midst of a redesign over the past year with a new focus on certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. Together with the excellent customer service Janex Auto offers, this new approach is intended to boost customer confidence and speed up the buying process.

Janex Auto is leading the industry with their innovative CPO program. With its five categories, customers will be able to choose the protection package which suits their needs best. The protection packages include a variety of features such as warranty packages, rewards & referrals programs, 200-point inspections, free oil changes and tire rotations. This, coupled with all the added benefits of their CPO program which is not offered with the comparable vehicles on the market and the Janex Auto daily inventory evaluation will ensure their vehicles are the best value on the market.

Janex Auto, just recently rated one of the Top Independent Dealerships in Canada, carries a wide variety of makes and has a solution for every customer. Janex is particularly known for their high-end inventory. According to John Potvin, Janex’s general manager,

  “The CPO program will be especially beneficial to customers purchasing high-end vehicles primarily because of their cost of maintenance it will also help the rest of our customers by giving them the peace of mind of buying new at a fraction of the price."

Janex Auto is planning a free BBQ event to mark the official launching of their CPO program. Valued customers, colleagues and guests will join the Janex team to celebrate this new customer-centered approach. At the event, Janex Auto will have their live appraisals featured at no cost for anyone who would like to see how the live trade appraisals work with no obligation to sell or trade.
Janex auto is currently working on a revolutionary 2-step and 3-step online buying process where you may buy your vehicle online and have it delivered right to your door. This is made possible by the CPO program which ensures the quality and protection given to the consumer is of the highest standard. Also,  the “NO HAGGLE , NO HASSLE , JUST THE BEST PRICE UP FRONT GUARANTEE “ will make the online purchase fast and easy by eliminating the dreaded used car negotiation. All this coupled with the 7-day Exchange program leaves the customer at no risk and will revolutionize the buying process for today’s online consumer

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